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QR Tail Pack

QR Tail Pack

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  • Details & Technical Specifications

    A sports style tail pack with patent pending quick release attachment to the pillion seat. Features a 10l waterproof roll bag style inner compartment and 2 additional zipped side compartments. Matching Quick Release Tank Bag also available.

    Fits Street Triple RS VIN 966534 and up, Street Triple R VIN 982752 and up.

  • Reviews
    3 rating
    • 07/10/2021

    This is a very high quality piece of luggage that fits perfectly on the Trident. The "water proof" bag inside, well why not just make the bag itself waterproof. If you are going to have a bag, why not make it thermal so it will keep your water cold? Then at least it will have a purpose. I find the bag cumbersome and you can not see what is inside so you have to feel around. The straps that go under the seat should have a quick release instead of having to thread them through to attach them each time. The side pockets are pretty thin and are not great for holding much of anything except maybe your registration and insurance card and anything that isn't too wide. With the luggage piece on the seat, it is not possible to throw your leg over the bike so you look like a total dork when you get on and off the Trident. I think some kind of side bags would be a lot more functional for this purpose.