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08 Jul 2015
Rating: 1
i had these on my thunderbird and was installed by the dealer. as i put my bike away, i twisted the grip and lost my throttle. these are poorly designed. seems that they forgot to place a metal bushing to reinforce the plastic that holds the throttle cable. not sure why they choose to make something that changes temperature quickly out of this kind of plastic, forgot about fatigue i guess. i would not recommend these to anyone. i was lucky enough to have this happen when i was home. Don't take any far road trips with these babies, might be stranded with no throttle.
24 May 2015
Rating: 2
For each of my two sets of these the right hand grip has broken by itself (which results in a total CATASTROPHIC bike failure). ( This second occurrence just happened; I'm torn what to do. There are only three heat levels (off, low,high), but I am ok with low and if i need high, I know i need to go directly home.
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Heated Grip Kit
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